Are you better than your competitors because you’re, well, just better?

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Being ‘better’ is like being ‘nice’; obscure, undefined, and easy to claim. It’s ‘better’ to be able to back it up with specifics.

170886237If your target segments have difficulty defining why they should or would choose you over your competition, spelling out your features, benefits, and value proposition over them is in your best interests. If they don’t know, you must tell them, and then let them experience those differences for themselves once they choose you, and then tell others.

Conducting an objective internal analysis is a great way to inventory your advantages. Include as many viewpoints as possible and get input on products, services, marketing, sales, distribution, reputation, strategies, human resources, staffing, operations, and finances. Any of these may have a mild to crucial impact on how well you serve your customers and attract new ones.

An easy way to gain this insight is to simply talk with as many individuals as possible who are involved in critical day to day functions. This can be one on one, in a team meeting, or within a formal planning session with key stakeholders. There is no right or wrong way to uncover this information, but it is critical to get honest and complete input. You may uncover weaknesses that you can easily correct; and you will definitely find out what details really make you better.

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