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Does your funeral home really need a marketing plan?

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Do you have difficulty deciding whether to say yes or no to advertising opportunities? Do you wish you could more easily sort out where you should be directing your budget? Your energy? Does all of your advertising look different, based on where it’s going and who designed it? Do you have trouble recalling what you   …Continue Reading

Are you better than your competitors because you’re, well, just better?

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Being ‘better’ is like being ‘nice’; obscure, undefined, and easy to claim. It’s ‘better’ to be able to back it up with specifics. If your target segments have difficulty defining why they should or would choose you over your competition, spelling out your features, benefits, and value proposition over them is in your best interests.   …Continue Reading

Do your marketing materials truly represent your funeral home?

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Are you the premier provider of funeral or cremation services, but have subpar newspaper ads? Do you claim to pay attention to the details, but have typos on your website? Are you offering the latest and greatest products, but your brochures and general price list designs are outdated? In order to support a strong brand   …Continue Reading