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Funeral home website page title tags provide free advertising

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If you want to find a store that sells specialty dog food in town, what would you do? Pick up the Yellow Pages? Ask your friends? Or, if you’re like most people these days, would you go to your smartphone or laptop and Google ‘high-protein dog food [your town name]’? Probably the latter. And where   …Continue Reading

Your funeral home got a bad review on Google. Now what?

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Everyone has an opinion. And thanks to the Internet, everyone’s opinion can now be heard in form of online reviews that can remain online indefinitely. And while Yelp and Yahoo! aren’t websites to ignore, poor Google ratings can do your funeral home permanent damage. If your funeral home receives a less-than-flattering Google review, here are   …Continue Reading

adfinity is now a Google Engage ad agency

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Guess what? adfinity is now a member of the Google Engage for Agencies program. What does that mean and why do you care? Well, Google Engage for Agencies helps train and support marketers like us who work with locally-focused small businesses.  We had to sit through a training program that shows how Google advertising and AdWords works,   …Continue Reading