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Guess what? adfinity is now a member of the Google Engage for Agencies program.

What does that mean and why do you care?

Google Engage for Agencies Tampa FloridaWell, Google Engage for Agencies helps train and support marketers like us who work with locally-focused small businesses.  We had to sit through a training program that shows how Google advertising and AdWords works, as well as how to become more successful at Internet marketing. So, hours and hours of online PowerPoint presentations!

But, the training did show us how to more efficiently target local audiences and how to create a solid AdWords campaign that attracts qualified leads.

Now the what’s in it for you. Once training is completed, Google Engage agencies also receive AdWords coupons to use for new clients. So, we have $2,000 worth of AdWords vouchers to give away to new AdWords users. Are you ready?

With more than 80 percent of the population looking online FIRST for the products and services they need, your funeral home or crematory should know about Google AdWords if not be actively running an AdWords campaign.

If you are online now, open a new window or tab and do a quick Google search for [your town name] funeral home. Where does your funeral home name appear on the page?

If it isn’t showing in the ‘sponsored’ sections on the top and right side, you’re not running an AdWords campaign (or not well, anyway!). Hopefully, your name appears next to the Google map and in the organic results.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, we need to speak… sooner than later. For more information on Google AdWords for funeral homes, call 1-877-251-1222 today!

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